The Bookkeeper’s Guide to Permission Click

Day to Day

Keep up-to-date with events running in your account

Visit ‘Forms’ tab for an overview of the status of all the events currently running in your account. Selecting an event from the list will take you to the event page to view reports and manage responses. Here you’ll find the Order Summary dashboard which shows an overview of the funds collected for the event. The ‘Available Reports’ section shows a drop-down menu of reports at your disposal. To a Bookkeeper, the most important report in this list is the ‘Transaction Report’ (the transaction report is a "mini version" of the deposit report).

Reconcile your bank statement

When month end arrives, the ‘Deposit Report’ will be your bread and butter for reconciling your bank statement! You can access the report for any given date range in 'Admin' under 'Reports'. The report will export to Excel. The ‘Deposit Details’ tab will show you on which date(s) funds hit your bank account. Funds collected are broken down by event name so you know exactly which event the funds belong to. Within an event, you may have different tickets from which you received payments. The report will break down the amount collected from each ticket type also.

In your accounting platform, a simple receipt entry & deposit entry can be done for the total amount collected for that Event / Form: 

Step 1 - Run your deposit report in Permission Click to match your bank statement

Tip! Add an extra day before and after to be sure you catch all the bank deposits

Step 2 - Sum up the deposits for a given event (eg. Student Fees)

Step 3 - Access your accounting platform and issue a receipt to record receipt of payments from Permission Click

Step 4 - Enter the appropriate information and the total collected via Permission Click

Tip! If multiple events occur at the same time, the deposit report shows the amount per account / event

Event Reports

If needed, a detailed summary of each transaction within an event can be found in the ‘Transaction Report’. This is available in the event itself under ‘Available Reports’ (steps mentioned in 1st paragraph). The report will detail each transaction amount, service fees paid and tax amounts. The report downloads to Excel and contains two worksheets. The first worksheet shows a breakdown of the event's transactions at an order level and the second worksheet shows the same breakdown at a ticket level. The report is available on the event details page of any event that has payments given.

To view a complete summary of responses to parent and student form questions, select the ‘Event Details’ report from the ‘Available Reports’ section inside an event. Here you’ll find a full recap of all the event details and answers provided by parents.

Issue Refunds

To issue a refund visit the event page in question and scroll down to your list of responses. When you find the transaction you would like to refund, click on the parent’s name and once you are brought to a new screen click ‘Cancel & Refund Response’. This will issue a full refund (including all fees) back onto the payer’s card. The amount will appear as refunded in all in your reports thereafter.

Issue Receipts

Permission Click instantly generates a receipt for each completed payment. Receipts are automatically emailed to those who complete a payment online. For cash/cheque payments, receipts are sent to the parent once their payment has been recorded in Permission Click. You can also print or e-mail a receipt anytime. To issue a receipt, select the form from your main dashboard. Scroll down to ‘Responses’ and select the parent name from the list. Here you’ll see the option to ‘Show Receipt’.

Logging Cash and Cheque Payments

When a cash or cheque payment is received by the school, you can record the payment inside Permission Click. This helps keep your event up-to-date and ensures reports reflect exactly what has been collected manually vs. online. Better still, all information is saved in one place! To log a cash or cheque payment, visit the event page and select the parent name from the ‘Responses’ list. On the next page click ‘Add Manual Payment’ and a receipt is automatically sent to the parent!

The Lingo


There’s a world of possibilities with Permission Click. Whether you need a hand exploring possibilities or still have questions, we’re here for you. Permission Click has a wealth of information in our Online Knowledge Base or click 'Contact' in the bottom right hand corner of your Permission Click screen to connect with our team directly.

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