The Deposit Report is a vital document for bookkeepers, accountants, and anyone who will be reconciling bank information.

How to access your Deposit Report

 TIP! You must be assigned an Administrator of the account to access this report.

  • Select 'Admin' > 'Reports' > 'Run Report'

  • Select the time period

 TIP! Add an extra day before and after the time period to be sure you're capturing all deposits due to timezone differences.

Reading your Deposit Report

Two tabs:

  • Deposit Summary - Gives you a general overview of all the money you’ve had deposited over the period.Breaks down funds collected by the event or form they are related to, and then furthermore, by the payment option (aka ticket).
  • Deposit Details - Shows you when the funds collected online were officially deposited in your bank account. Is broken out by deposit date“Transfer Date” indicates the date the funds hit your bank account Transfer total shows the exact amount, to the penny, that was deposited on that date. This is a NET amount that includes the total brought in as well as the refunds applicable to that transfer “Event” tells you which form the money is related to (why was it collected), as well as the event or form total. “Ticket” tells you which payment option it was for - a second level of transparency and why it was collected - which ticket, as well as a ticket total Any refunds processed during this time period will also be clearly reflected 


View Sample Deposit Report - Medium Usage, Q4 2015

  • Shows a middle-school usage for registration fees, recorder fees, fun lunch, milk program, field trips.
  • Daily deposit, includes refunds
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