There are 3 ways you can access forms that require your approval: 

  1. Email Notification
  2. My Approvals
  3. My Forms List

1.If your approval is required on a form, you will receive an email notification that looks like this:

Clicking on "Review Form" will take you to the login page for Permission Click if you are not already logged in. If you are, it will take you directly to the review form page. 

2. Forms requiring your approval will also appear under the "My Approvals" page: 

From here, click on the form that you wish to review and approve

3. You can also click on any forms directly in the My Forms list that have a status of "Pending Approval".

Once you have form open, simply review the form and click either Approve or Reject at the bottom. Comments added will be relayed back to the form creator. Once you have approved or rejected the form, an email will be sent to the form creator notifying them of the status change. If the form is rejected, they will be given an opportunity to revise the form and re-submit for approval. 

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