Once a form is approved AND a response is collected, the editing process changes slightly. Why? Following approval, a form is open to collect parent signatures and an important part of collecting approvals from parents requires that the initial document they approved remain unedited after they have signed it. In order to maintain the legal integrity of your responses, we need to know exactly what the respondent signed off on.

That said, there is a simple process to edit your form, even after responses have been collected: 

  • Select "Edit Form" from the top right hand corner of your Form Manage page. 
  • Verify that you wish to make changes to your form. 
  • Make required edits to your form, and select Submit for Approval (or Publish, depending on account settings) in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 

Tip! Edited forms will be resubmitted for any approval workflows that are in place on your account. Once approved, you DO NOT need to send a new link to respondents; they will be automatically redirected. 

  • Once approved, all new respondents will see the updated version of the form. 

Note! Responses collected prior to the edit will not contain updated form information. Your Form Details Report will indicate which version of the form each response was received on. Click here for more detailed information on reporting.

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