To confirm that this payment was processed correctly through Stripe via your Permission Click account, follow the steps below:

Note: Permission Click automatically issues a receipt to all respondents - that is the simplest way for parents/respondents to confirm that their payment was received. 

TIP! If you just need to confirm the payment was received, simply run the transaction report for the form in question. This report shows all details of each payment transaction including, respondent name and email, payment date, payment amount, etc.

1) Login to your Stripe account

2) Select 'Payments' from the left navigation bar

3) Under 'Most Recent Payments', click 'View All Payments'. Here you can search for the customer/transaction in question using the amount, date, name or description (Note: the description of a payment in Stripe matches the name of your Permission Click form).

Once you have found the payment in question, you can click on it to view more details.

4) Log into your Permission Click account and run a 'Transaction Report' for the form noted under 'Description' in Stripe

TIP! For more on how to run reports with Permission Click click here.

5) Compare the payment details in Stripe to those found in Permission Click's 'Transaction Report'.

You can specifically compare the respondent's name, the date of the signature, and the order ID - which is unique to each transaction

With the name, date, order ID and payment amount confirmed, you can be certain that a payment was to a specific form in Permission Click.

**If you are unsure of the specific form the payment in question correlates to, for example, if you have multiple events with the same name, you can use the event ID that is displayed in the Stripe payment details. The 'Event ID' number in Stripe corresponds to a portion of the event page url in Permission Click.

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