Admin. Assistant's User Guide - Part 2

The Admin. Assistant’s Guide to Permission Click

Creating Your First Form

The time has come! Here are a few ways to build your first form:

Building New Example:

  1. Parent for Child vs Anyone Can Respond: Decide if a parent is responding for a child or if anyone can sign up.

2. Give your form a name. Don’t worry, you can change it later if you want to.

3. Add Dates. 'Event dates' will show parents what day your event will begin and end (a one day event will have the same start and end date). 'Response cut-off date' is optional and will ensure parents can no longer respond once this date is reached (11:59pm on the date selected).

4. Add Form Information. Copy and paste information in from an existing document or type something yourself. If you would prefer to upload an existing PDF file, you may skip this step and move onto number 5.

5. Upload a File. Have a packing list for the trip or a policy you want to make parents aware of? Upload information that may be supplementary to what you wrote in the 'Form Information' section above, or if you check off the little box that says 'primary' once your file is uploaded, it will become the main screen of information for parents to view.

6. Questions for Parents. Questions you want the respondent/parent to fill out, if a parent is filling out the form for two or more children, they will only be asked these questions once. Examples) Recruiting parent volunteers, collecting emergency contact information, etc...

When building your questions there is NO need to put anything in asking for their signature/ consent, that (along with a few other fields shown below) will always automatically be the FIRST part of your form.**

7. Questions About Each Child. Questions you want the respondent/parent to answer about their children. Examples) Home room number, grade, allergies, date of birth, etc...

8. Collect Payments. If your form requires payment for an activity (i.e. Field Trip) you can add in a paid ticket. Open tickets are great for collecting donations, and free tickets are great for when no payments are necessary but you want to reserve spots.

9. Message to Respondents. Send a message to parents when they complete your form.

10. Edit options on the bottom of the screen (see below). You can edit the supervisors (add another teacher, etc, to your form), and toggle on or off the three options below.

11. Preview as Parent to give it one final look over. 

12. Submit for Approval!

You're done creating your form! See our next guide on how to send out your form to parents and to start collecting responses.

The Lingo

6 Smart Ways to Use Permission Click

  1. Field Trips - Organize class trips and collect permission and admission fees from parents
  2. Meal Programs - Parents can purchase milk tickets or pay for lunch program supervision online
  3. Sports Programs - Game time! Collect signups and registration fees for your whole team
  4. Band Programs - Ticket sales for band concerts, uniform fees, and instrument rental fees
  5. Graduation - Collect yearbook orders, student photos & quotes, and fundraise for grad!
  6. Student Fees - Collect school registrations, student fees, and school supply fees all at once

Just because it’s not on the list doesn’t mean you can’t do it. If you have a paper form, odds are you can digitize it (and your process) with Permission Click!


There’s a world of possibilities with Permission Click. Whether you need a hand exploring possibilities or still have questions, we’re here for you. Permission Click has a wealth of information in our Online Knowledge Base or click 'Contact' in the bottom right hand corner of your Permission Click screen to connect with our team directly.

Click here to learn more about creating a form.