Admin. Assistant's User Guide - Part 3

The Admin. Assistant's Guide to Permission Click

Now that you have made your first form, and once it has been approved, you are ready to send it out! (Approval will be done by the administrator of the account).

1. Click on your form, you will see a page with a link that looks like this:

2. Simply copy and paste the link into your preferred method of parent communication. (Email, parent forum, etc...)

Manage a Form

i) Click on your form from your dashboard.

ii) Near the top it will let you print for parent (just in case someone would prefer a good ol' paper copy), preview as parent, edit (only if there are NO responses on the form. Click here for more details), close the form, and archive it.

iii) If you scroll further down you have two tabs 'Manage' and 'View Form Details'. View Form Details will allow you to view a summary of your form. Whereas the Manage tab will allow you to do multiple things.

Manage Tab: 

1) Allows you to check on/off a couple of options regarding communication / reminders via email.

2) Lets you view your 'Order Summary' and 'Responses'.

3) Under the section labeled "Responses" you have options to copy, excel, PDF, or Print. This is your reporting function so that you can see all of your respondents information in one place.

Cancel a Response / Issue a Refund

Things happen. Sometimes you’ll need to cancel a response / issue a refund. To do this, select your event from the Active Event’ dashboard. Scroll down to your 'Responses' list. Click on the response you’d like to cancel. Hit the cancel response button. This will remove permission (if provided), cancel ticket reservations, and issue a full refund if a payment was made online (including all fees).


**PLEASE NOTE: this action cannot be reversed.

Add a Manual Payment

If a student brings in cash or cheque for payment, you should log it in Permission Click to keep your reports consistent. To do this, select your event from your dashboard, and scroll down to 'Responses'. Select the response that requires a manual payment. Click "Add Manual Payment" and record the payment method.

View Response Details

When you want to view the details of the responses you’ve collected, access your event from the Active Events dashboard, and scroll down to the Available Reports section. The Event Details report is the master report and contains all the answers to the questions on your form and any additional information you requested for your event.

Issue a Receipt

When a form and payment is submitted using Permission Click, a receipt is automatically generated and emailed to them. To issue a receipt for manual payments (cash/cheque), click "Add Manual Payment" and a receipt will automatically be sent to the parent. A receipt can be reissued anytime by accessing your event, scrolling down to Responses, and selecting the response that requires a receipt. Hit "Print Receipt" to print a copy.

The Lingo

6 Smart Ways to Use Permission Click

  1. Field Trips - Organize class trips and collect permission and admission fees from parents
  2. Meal Programs - Parents can purchase milk tickets or pay for lunch program supervision online
  3. Sports Programs - Game time! Collect signups and registration fees for your whole team
  4. Band Programs - Ticket sales for band concerts, uniform fees, and instrument rental fees
  5. Graduation - Collect yearbook orders, student photos & quotes, and fundraise for grad!
  6. Student Fees - Collect school registrations, student fees, and school supply fees all at once

Just because it’s not on the list doesn’t mean you can’t do it. If you have a paper form, odds are you can digitize it (and your process) with Permission Click!


There’s a world of possibilities with Permission Click. Whether you need a hand exploring possibilities or still have questions, we’re here for you. Permission Click has a wealth of information in our Online Knowledge Base or click 'Contact' in the bottom right hand corner of your Permission Click screen to connect with us directly.