Assigning Approvers to District Templates

Creating Approval Steps and assigning approvers ensures your form will be reviewed and approved by the correct people, in the correct order. Approvers can either be Internal or External.

Internal Approvers: Any user that is setup in your district can be set as an approver on a form.
External Approvers: Anyone that is not a user in your district, but has an Email address and is a part of the approval process.

Notes about Approval Pathways:
⦁ You may add as many steps are you wish to your Approval pathway.

⦁ If your template is being shared with all schools within your district, you can assign the user role of “Administrator” as an approver on your form. This ensures that anyone with the role “Administrator” in the school will be able to approve this form when used in their school.

⦁ The order in which the form must be approved is determined by the Steps. The approver listed in Step 1 must approve the form before the approver in Step 2 will
be notified that their approval is required.

⦁ You can have multiple approvers within the same step. To move a user into an existing step, click the checkbox next to their name and then click Move To… in the top right corner and select which step you want them added to.

⦁ If there is a user that you wish to simply be notified of the form, enable the “FYI Only” option next to their name. When this is enabled, they do not need to approve the form, but will receive an email notification notifying them that the form is being processed.

Once you are finished adding approvers, click Done, and then click Publish Template.

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