Building a District Process

To build a process, access the Templates menu in the menu header, click on New Template, and select Process:

Enter a Name and Description for the Process. The name should include the nature of the process, and the description should explain the use case for the process

Name: Out of Country Field Trip
Description: Use this process for all field trips that will be out of the country.

Next, add the Form Templates that must be submit and approved for the process:

Once you have finished adding all the forms you want to be part of your process, click Publish Process. 

Tip: If there are forms that are not required, but may be useful to associate to the process, add a template under the “Helpful” section. Teachers will not be required to use these templates, but can  be as needed.

Setting Deadlines
Many schools require forms to be submit and approved before a deadline. If your process is time-sensitive, you can create a custom deadline that teacher’s will be made aware of when they start a process.
For example, if your field trip request must be submit at least 2 months prior to the departure date. Click the + to add a custom deadline, and name the label: Field Trip Date.

Once your label is created, you can set the deadline for each template by clicking “Set Rules” and setting the number of days before the deadline the form must be submit.