Cancel or bulk cancel responses

If you need to permanently cancel more than one response for one of your forms, Permission Click provides you with two options to quickly bulk cancel responses.

First, go to the form you want to cancel responses for.

Then, select the specific responses you want to cancel by checking off each answer or using the Select All button at the top of the response table to select all responses.


Option 1: Click on the Cancel responses button at the top of the response table.


Confirm the number of responses of each type and click the Confirm button.


Option 2: Click on the View responses button


In the Bulk actions area of the response details window, click on (A) Cancel responses button (the button will reflect the number of responses you are about to cancel).


You will be prompted with a confirmation that the response will be cancelled and refunded. Check off the confirmation box to confirm that you understand that any attached orders will also be cancelled and refunded. Click the Yes, Cancel and Refund Selected Responses to finish.


Then, the responses you selected will be cancelled. Please note that any orders attached to the responses will also be cancelled, and the purchase amounts will be refunded to the signees.