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Cancelling Responses & Orders

Several situations may arise where you will want to cancel a response to an event. For Example:

  1. Duplicate Responses
  2. Request from Respondent to Cancel
  3. Erroneous Response was made

To Cancel a Response, follow these Steps

  1. Open the Form Manager for the Form that has the response you need to cancel. 
  2. Find the response you wish to cancel in the Responses section
  3. Hover your mouse over the parent or child's name. A red X will appear on the far left of the response. Select this X to cancel the response and issue a refund (if applicable).

A window will appear asking you if you are sure you would like to cancel the response. Choose Yes or No:

Notes about Cancelling Responses: 

This action cannot be undone.

If a parent responded for three children on one form, all three of the children's responses will be cancelled.

You’ll see a new report called ‘cancelled signatures’ for audit tracking. This report will instantly update your records and keep track of cancelled orders.

Any associated refunds will show up in your transaction report.

Ticket quantities (if applicable) are returned to available quantity.