Contact and Supervisors

What are Contact and Supervisors? 

Contacts and Supervisor are users that will have access to the form and form reporting.

This is best used if an event has more than one event organizer or if you are building the form on behalf of another user. For example if two classes are going on a field trip together, you may want to add the second teacher as an additional contact or supervisor.

Note: Contact and Supervisor functionality is on a per event basis. Follow the steps below to add Contacts and Supervisors to each form you create as needed. 

TIP! Copying a past form will also copy the Contacts and Supervisors.

Add a Contact or Supervisor:

At the bottom of the form builder on the left hand side you will see the Contacts and Supervisors section. Click "Manage Contacts and Supervisors" to add a new contact to your form. 

Select the contact that you want to add from the list of users. 

Note: the contact that you wish to add must be added as a user in your Permission Click account.

Clicking the garbage can icon will remove a user. Set the preferences for each of your contacts using the "on/off" toggle. Preferences are set to "off" by default.