Create a district level template

To create a district-level template, click ‘Templates’ in the top navigation bar.

*Please note, you must be a District Administrator to have access to this

On the Templates page, click “New Template” in the top right corner and select one of the available formats. For standard forms, we recommend the Form format. If you are building a multi-form template, select “Process.”


You will then be redirected to the Template Builder interface, which will appear similar to the Form Builder interface. You can start building your template the same way you would build a form.

There are two additional question areas available to you when using a template; Internal Questions for Template Users (A) & Public Questions for Form Builder. (B)


Internal questions allow you to ask questions to staff members using your template and WILL NOT be visible to respondents.

Public Questions for Form Builder allows you to ask questions to the staff member using your template that WILL be visible to respondents. Both the question and answer will be included at the top of Step 1 in the Form Response process.

Additionally, you can add approval pathways to a template from the “Document Approval Steps” section that you will find on the left-hand side of your Template Builder.


Before publishing your template, be sure to review the Set Access options. Any of your organizations that are toggled ON (blue toggle) on this screen will have access to your template when creating a new form. By default, your template will be visible to all of the organizations attached to your district.

For more information and step-by-step instructions on how to build processes, visit How to build a district process.