Create a form

Step 1: Select “Start New Form” from the My Forms Dashboard within the account you wish to create a form.

Step 2: Now, you can start creating your form from one of the following:

(A) From a Template: Select one of the pre-made templates available in the account shared by your district or school.
(B) Duplicate From Past Form: Select a form that already exists within the account.
(C) Build a Custom Form: Create a new form from scratch.

NOTE: If you have an individual school account and are just starting your first form, you will be prompted directly to create a new form without giving you any of the three options outlined above. In that case, go to step 3 of this guide. 


Step 3: When building a custom form, choose who will be responding to the form.

Select from either “Parent For Child” or “Anyone Can Respond”.

If you are not sure about which one to choose, check out the Respondent Type - Parent for Child vs Anyone Can Respond article.


Step 4: Add your form content, such as Form Name (a), date (b) and other relevant information. The plus sign expands the section, and hovering your mouse over them will display additional instructions (c).


Step 5: Create questions for respondents to fill out by selecting “Add a Question to Your Form.” You can choose from a list of question types, including address, date, dropdown, paragraph, phone number, rating, select multiple, short answer, time, upload, yes/no, conditionals, heading, divider and note. Learn more about question types. 

Note: If you’re using a template from your District, these fields may be locked. Locked sections will appear in grey.


Step 6: Set up payment collection

If you will collect payments with your form, follow the prompts and configure your payments in the following section, “Collect Payments.” Select “Paid Ticket” (b) and input the dollar amount that you wish to collect in the “You Collect” (a) field.

If you don’t need to collect money with your form, simply skip this step.


Step 7: Add co-workers 

If there are other members from your organization who need visibility to your form, add them by selecting “Manage Contacts/Supervisors,” and set your preferences by toggling options on/off.


Step 8: Publish or Send For Approval

If required, send your form for approval by clicking the “Send For Approval” button in the top right corner of your screen. If approval is not required, this button will display "Publish" and allow you to publish your form immediately.

*Tip! You can also select “Preview” to see what respondents will see when they complete your form.



Step 9: Send Your Form

Once your form is published or approved, select it from your Permission Click Dashboard to access your Form Management page.

Note: you will be notified by email when your form has been approved

Next, choose one of two options

  • (A) Share the public form link, which will allow anyone with the link to respond to your form.
    • through your email communications platform. Simply copy and paste the link displayed.
    • Post to a website
    • Share via social media
  • (B) Click on the “Recipients Manager” to add recipients
    • This allows you to list who the form will be sent to, allowing you to track who has, and who has not responded


Select from one of the available options to add recipients:

Roster manager, student (SIS), Email/CSV (to manually add, copy and paste from a CSV or email database) or select recipients from a previous form.

As your responses come in, this page will allow you to view your replies and access your reports.