Detailed look at the Different Types of Reports

Permission Click has multiple reports that categorize the responses to your event to give you the most relevant information within one spreadsheet.

To run a report select the appropriate report from the drop-down menu, then click the Run Report button.

The different types of available reports and the best uses for each type are explained below:

Display Orders by Ticket:

  • Displays on-screen and shows a high-level breakdown BY TICKET of paid, unpaid, refunded and cancelled tickets
  • Best use: to see how many paid responses you've received, or to see how many unpaid responses you've received. You can then utilize this information to call those still owing payment for an event

Display Responses by Student:

  • This on-screen report shows which Attendee has tickets RESERVED and whether those tickets have been paid for
  • Best uses:
  • To see the students/attendees that are unpaid or to ensure everyone has paid.
  • To see totals for tickets to know how much of what to order, such as for team apparel orders or hot lunch days! In the example below, you can see the breakdown of how many hamburgers, hot dogs, apple juice, and chocolate milk to order. You can also see exactly what each student ordered, making it easy to ensure Julia gets her hot dog and chocolate milk!

Email Financial Transactions:

  • Gives a detailed looked at the funds you've collected, service fees paid and any applicable tax that was charged. This report downloads to Excel and contains 2 worksheets. The first worksheet shows a breakdown of the event's transactions at an order level and the second worksheet shows the same breakdown at a ticket level.
  • Order Level: is based on the total transaction that a parent or attendee went through, for example if Kristina Smith paid for three different sets of tickets for her three children, the order level report will show only one row for Kristina's total amount paid, alongside the service fees and taxes paid.
  • Ticket Level: Gives an overview based on the individual tickets purchased, with a break down of the service fees & taxes for each ticket. Here you would see a row for each individual ticket, thus you can see Kristina Smith purchased 6 individual tickets, 2 for each of her kids.
  • Additional details are included such as who and how much was paid online, paid manually, your funds, payment outstanding, and the event total.
  • Best Use: The Transaction Report is best used to see in detail what has been paid for, what an individual owes, or has purchased. This report can be very useful for your organizations accountant for record keeping and tax purposes.

Email Master Response List:

  • Downloadable to Excel, the Event Details report shows a complete list of event response information including all the form responses (Parent, Attendee and ticket - any that are applicable to your event). 
  • The first worksheet shows a master summary of all the information on a per ticket basis. You will see every answer they provided. For example, you will see Julia Smith, her parents name & email, her allergies, her grade, what she ordered for lunch, etc.
  • The other worksheets within the spreadsheet single out each form, including a worksheet for every ticket. For example, for this meal program event there is a worksheet on an Apple Juice Ticket. Here you will see everyone who ordered apple juice, how many Juice boxes they ordered, and whether they have paid for the apple juice yet.

Email Cancelled Responses:

  • Excel report that shows a complete history of any event responses that have been cancelled for this event.

TIP: For help using excel spreadsheets click here