Easy way to create a deposit report using reports tab.

This article illustrate the steps you can take to create deposit reports using the reports tab and have it run on schedule as well.

1. Go to Reports tab at the top of the screen or access it thru any form manager.

2. Click on New Report to create a report. 

3. Choose the name for the report.

4.  Choose "Deposits" from the drop down menu. 

5. Turn off "Immediately publish and skip the report editor".

6. Click on Submit.

7. It will take you to Report builder.

8. By Default there will be 6 tabs. Delete the ones you don't need by going to Actions and choosing Delete.

9. After sorting the tabs or choosing to keep as it is, Click on Add Custom Filter to put Start and End Date for Deposits. 

10. Select Deposit Date From drop down, choose start of current month as shown below.

11. Click on Add and Submit.

12. Custom filter will be added to the tab as shown below.

13. Click on Publish.

14. In Reports tab, click on Actions and choose Generate from the drop down option. 

15. Go to "Report Requests" tab and download you report once its completed.