Editing, archiving & deleting forms

Edit A Form (A)

If your form is still in draft mode, you’ll be prompted to the form editor when you click on the form you want to edit from the forms dashboard.

For published forms, you can easily edit them from the “Actions & Reports” menu. This will get your form back to draft mode, so make sure to publish it again once you are done making changes to your form.

when you edit any form:

  1. Your form will re-enter the draft state. When you publish them again, the revised iteration will be reflected with a new version number.
  2. Your collected responses are safe. Although you can't see them while the form is being edited, once published, they will be visible again in the Form Manager.
  3. While you are editing, your form will not be accessible to respondents. Don't worry; once the form is republished, all former version links will still bring people to your form.


Archive A Form (B)

Archiving a form allows you to access the responses and reporting when needed, but gets old forms out of your dashboard and out of your way. It’s a simple way to clean your forms dashboard to show you only the information that you need.

You don’t lose any data or information when you archive a form.


Delete A Form (C)

Please note that only draft forms can be deleted. Deleting a form is permanent and cannot be undone.

Click on the form you want to delete, and find the “Delete from draft” in the “Actions” menu.