Form Settings

Find out what the form settings, integrated roster settings, and personal settings do in the Form Manager

Form Settings

Show org type branding instead of district branding

When enabled, the form will be displayed using your organization's name and logo instead of your District's.

Parent may respond for more than one child

When enabled, this allows parents that have more than one child to fill out your form multiple times.

Disable response edits after submission

When enabled, once a response has been submitted to your form it cannot be edited at a later time. This is useful when an approval required as part of the submission and you don't want edits made after an approval has been made.

Hide form public links

By default, when a form is published, public links are generated for the district as well as all organizations the form is enabled for. When this is enabled, only the URL for the district is shown.

Send reminder email day prior to the start date for those signed up

When enabled and you have a start date set in your form, the day before your event date a reminder email will be sent to those who have submitted a response to your form.

Integrated Roster

Sync roster changes until

If your organization has the Integrated Roster enabled and set up, if your form is utilizing a roster, you can allow your form to pick up changes in data sent by your SIS. This date sets a stop date to that synchronization. Typically this is matched up to a form deadline or event date.

Automate invitation emails on roster sync

When enabled, any new contacts added to your roster will automatically receive an invitation email to complete your form.

Personal Settings

Receive response notifications

When enabled, you will receive an email notification for each new submission your form collects.

Receive response PDFs

When enabled, you will receive a PDF copy of the form response with each new submission your form collects.