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Forms page

On the forms page you will find all of your forms including Publishes, Draft, Archived, Rejected, Approved and Closed

There are four different types of forms that you may see in Permission Click and once published, you can find them all on your Forms page.


On your forms tabs, you will find any of the forms that you have created at your organization. Additionally, if you are an administrator at your organization, you will see all the forms that other users at the organization have published, drafted, or achieved.


In the Respond tab, you will find forms that you have been sent to provide a response to (Previously Internal Forms)


In the Supervising tab, you will find forms that you have been added as a Supervisor to, typically by the original form creator.

Process in Progress

If your organization has the Processes feature available, any of the processes you create will be listed in the Process in Progress tab.