Fund Transfer Rundown

So you're collecting payments and funds with Permission Click and you'd like to know how the transfers work to your bank account.

  • Funds will move automatically to your bank account approximately 7 days following the transaction taking place (from Stripe).
  • If there are multiple parents paying on a given day, these payments will be 'batched' and deposited as a single batch 7 days following. (Ie. Funds collected on July 1 would be deposited to your account on July 8).
  • You can view a deposit report for a given date range in the 'Account Info' section under 'Deposit Report'.
  • The report shows on which date(s) the funds hit your bank account so that you can reconcile your bank statement easily.
  • Funds collected are broken down by event name so you know exactly which event the funds belong to.
  • Within an event, you may have different tickets from which you received payments. The report will break down the amount collected from each ticket type.