How do I build a School Edition internal template?

School Edition Internal Templates are used to allow staff to submit personnel forms.

Internal Templates collect form responses from teachers and other staff members who are internal to your organization. Some examples of forms that can be used as Internal Templates are time off requests, HR forms and field trip request forms. 

Creating a Template

First, under the 'Admin' Tab select 'School Templates'


Click "New Template" and select "Internal Form" 

1. Template Name & Description: 

i) Give your template a generic title that explains when this template is to be used by staff. For example, "Field Trip Request", "Request for Name Change", "School Bus Booking" etc. 

ii) Add some details in the text box provided to tell your staff when and how they should be using this form. 

2. Create Questions for Template Users: This section is for questions you need answered by the person submitting the form. Examples - What is the proposed date of your event? How will the field trip be funded? 

3. Add Approvers to the Template: 

Who needs to see the information on this form once it has been completed by the staff member? For example, a field trip request might need to be approved by the principal while a name change might need to be approved by the HR director. 

Select "Add/Edit Approval Steps" and select the approver(s) from your user list. 

Internal Approvers can be selected from your list of current users. You can add an External Approver if the required approver is not part of your organization. 

You can add as many approvers to a step as you would like. Each approver will have to approve before the approval moves on to the next step. Click "Add a Step" to add a new step to the approval process. 

Click "Publish" when your template is ready to go. Once published, the template will be available to staff members by clicking "New Form". 

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