How long does it take to implement Permission Click?

Permission click onboarding process

Our team of Customer Success and Product Specialists will ensure that your onboarding process with Permission Click is successful. Our thorough onboarding process is designed to guide you through every step. A detailed checklist will help ensure everything is covered. We guide you through initial setup, form creation, role provisioning, template management and publishing your first form.

Tip: To learn more about Permission Click and our onboarding process, book a demo with a Product Specialist.

Average timelines

Onboarding timelines vary based on the size of your organization and form requirements. At the starting of your onboarding experience, we schedule a kick-off call to formalize your needs, timeliness and requirements.

What’s required from Technology or IT standpoint

Permission Click forms are built using a drag and drop interface that requires no coding knowledge. Our Product Specialists will teach you and your staff how to use the platform, build forms and publish them.

Additional requirements will vary based on the features purchased in your Permission Click contract and may require your internal tech team to meet with our development team. If this is required, our team will determine the necessary steps during your onboarding process.

What helps speed up implementation

Prior to your Permission Click onboarding, you can take a few steps to help speed up implementation.

  • Think about which forms are a priority and have a .doc or .pdf copy ready to send to your Product Specialist.
  • Think about which users should have access to the platform on day one.
  • Think about if forms will need approval workflow, and if they do, what does that look like?
  • Think about timelines for when your first form needs to go live.