How to add a manual payment

If parents or attendees prefer to pay with cash or cheque, you can add manual payments to your reports, so you have all the information in one place. Follow the steps below to record a cash/cheque payment.

Select the form you want to add a manual payment to from the forms dashboard.

Scroll down to your responses table and find the response to which you want to add a payment. Then, click on the red dollar sign icon.


A new window will open. Click on “Enter Manual Payment of $xx.xx”.


Select the payment method from the dropdown and click “Confirm Manual Payment”.


A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click on the “Yes, Submit Manual Payment” button.


Your manual payment should now be recorded.


Your records will now show a payment was received for this child and the red dollar sign in the responses table will now turn green. A receipt will be automatically generated for this transaction.

We encourage you to track cash and cheque payments right inside Permission Click. That way, all reports accurately reflect what has been collected (online or manually), making balancing your books that much easier.