How to confirm that an online payment was processed correctly through Stripe?

To verify whether a transaction has successfully been processed, you can go to the responses table in your Form Manager, export a Financial Transactions Report, or export a Deposits Report.

Form Manager Responses Table

The fastest way to verify whether a payment has been made is to navigate to the responses table at the bottom of your form and search by name or email address using the search bar.


In the responses table, you will see a “system status” section. A green dollar sign icon indicates the transaction has successfully been processed. A red dollar sign icon indicates an outstanding balance. A grayed out dollar sign with a line through it indicates that no payment is required on that form.

Financial Transactions Report

For more detailed information, you can export a financial transactions report. Go to the “Actions & Reports” menu and select “Financial Transactions.” This report contains all the information about all transactions that have taken place on your form.

Deposit Reports

Finally, you can see the details of all deposits made to your bank account through Permission Click by accessing your Deposit Report from the Admin menu on the top navigation bar.

Set the date range for your report. Remember that the date will reflect when the amount was deposited into your account, not the date the payment was made.