How to Create Report Using Reports Tab.

This article will illustrate the steps to create a report for collecting tickets information in a single sheet. This is very useful in generating reports for hot lunches, paid tickets, etc.

1. Go to the "Reports Tab" in the form manager and Click on New Report.


2. Type the name of the Report and choose "Blank" for the report template. Click on Submit.

3. Click on "Add Sheet" (Sheet refers to a single tab in an excel spreadsheet). 


4.  Steps to Add Sheet (Follow highlighted steps from 1 to 5 as shows in the screenshot below).

Step 1: Choose the name for your sheet - I am creating a sheet for paid tickets. In this example I want to get all information in a single sheet regarding paid tickets such as Classroom, Student Name, Parent Name, Order Name, Quantity and Price. 

Step 2: From the dropdown choose tickets. 

Step 3: Toggle on "Optionally restrict report scope".

Step 4: Choose the name of the form or template for which you want to create report.

Step 5: Click on "Create New Sheet". 


5. Click on Modify Columns (Here, you will be able to choose what information you want to include in  your sheet).


6. Choose the columns for your ticket. All options are toggled on by default. Turn off according to your needs and click "Update".


7. Sorting Columns positions for our excel sheet (I want  Home room, Ticket name, Student first and last name to show in the first 4 columns in excel spreadsheet respectively).

Step 1: Click on side arrow.

Step 2: Choose the Column name for which you want to change position (I am putting Child's Home room in First position in my excel spreadsheet).

Step 3: Click on "Actions tab". 

Step 4: Click on "Set Column Properties".

8. Setting column properties (You can also sort the information to appear in an ascending or descending order).

Step1: You can change the name of the column if you desire.

Step 2: Choose the new position you want your column to appear in.

Step 3: Toggle on "sort rows by this column" (If you want to sort the information inside this column).

Step 4: Click on Submit. 

9. Click Publish. 


10. Generating the report.

Step 1: Make sure you are in Report tab.

Step 2: Click on "Actions" dropdown.

Step 3: Click on "Generate".

Step 4: Go to "Report Request" tab, Your report will be able to download once status says complete.

Note - If you are not satisfied with your report, you can always go back to the report you created and make edits accordingly.