How to Generate a Custom Report

This article illustrates the steps to generate a customizable report and setup on a schedule.

Generate a Report

  1. Go to Reports Tab and Click on New Report

2. Provide the name of the Report, choose the report template and click on submit. By default it will be blank. 

3.  Provide the name of the sheet (Sheet here referenced to  the tab in the excel spreadsheet that you will receive).

4. Select the type of Sheet. For example: If you want to get all the details about Student or Parent, then choose Attendees. You can add as many sheets as you want and also have the ability to customize, what you want to see in the report.

5. Click on Create New Sheet.

6. Click on Modify Columns. This is where you can choose the information that you want to see in the report. By default all columns will be on. You can toggle off the ones you don't need. 

7. Click on Update once you have selected the columns that you want in your report. 

8. You can also create a schedule, which means your report will be automatically generated depending on the frequency you choose. To schedule your report, click on Schedule Report. If not, then simply click publish at top right. 

9. Choose the name for your schedule. Select the scope of your data, which means choosing the form you want the information to be derived from. Choose the frequency of the report - Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Choose the date until which you want this to run. Last but not the least, Toggle on "Notify me with me an email on report completion", if you want to be notified when report is ready to download. Click on Confirm.

10. Your report is  now ready to publish. Click on Publish. 

11. You report is published. Now you can generate it. Click on Actions dropdown option and click on Generate. 

12. Click on the scope, meaning for which form you want to generate the report for. Toggle on the notify via email when report is ready and click Generate Report. 

13. Go to Report Requests tab. Your Report will be in pending status until it is generated and status turns to complete. When it is complete, click on it and you will be able to download the report.