How to refund an order

If you need to refund an order or part of an order but keep the signee’s response, you can just refund the order attached to the response.

Select the form you want to submit a refund for. From the Form Manager scroll to the bottom and find the responses table. Click on the response that you want to refund. In the Form Actions area in the response details window, click on the Refund Payment button.


Select the tickets you would like to refund. You can select any combination of tickets or select all tickets. Click on the “Submit Refund” button when you are ready (the total refund amount will be shown on the button).


On the confirmation message, select the box to confirm you understand that the selected tickets will be cancelled and refunded. Click on the Yes, Refund button when ready (the total refund amount will be shown on this button as well).


The refund will then be processed, the signee will receive an email confirmation of the refund.