How to use Form Integration

This article illustrates the steps need to be taken to ensure using form integration for pre populated fields in your form.

1. Go to the Users.csv that you are creating for S.I.S integration. 

2. Add a header such as "Metadata.StudentNumber" (for all the prepopulated fields, you would need to create a header with Metadata. "name that you want to put"). 

3. You will add students information under this new header. For e.g. you will put in the student Id's under Metadata.StudentNumber. 

4. Once user file is uploaded for one rostering and is processed, you will be able to see prepopulated data in the integration data management tab under admin.

5. Click on the Integrated Data Management option to activate your field. 

6. Scroll down until you find the "StudentNumber", its status will show as "New". Click on the field.

7. Add Short Answer as a question. This is to make sure that a question is asked from parent to get a confirmation that the information is same or not. If there is a change in information, parents can type the answer in the question and the field will be updated.

8. Choose "Published" from the drop down menu in Set Data Field Status.

9. Click on Save changes. 

10. New field will be available as a question in the form builder. 

11. Click on the highlighted question type above.

12. Choose the StudentNumber Field that you published from the drop down menu.