How to Add Response Manually

The manual response feature allows you to record responses that are received in paper copy or by other manual means.

Occasionally you may need to collect responses to forms outside of Permission Click. Adding Manual Responses to your Permission Click account, allows you to record the response so that you can have all your information in a single place, and can report on it seamlessly along with all other responses that your form collects.

  • To add a manual response, click on the (A) “Add a Response Manually” icon from your Form Manager page.
  • A new browser window/tab will open up where you will follow the steps to submit the manual response.
  • Fill out the personal information from the respondent.
  • Attach a file with supporting information. Upload a scan of the paper form, email, screenshots of text messages or call logs.
  • In the notes section, write how you received the response (eg. paper, email, over the phone).