Generate Master Report Template

This article illustrates the steps to generate Master Response Report Template at the District Org. It will allow District/School users to create Master Response Report using the template in few clicks.

1. Go to the Reports tab in any District level Form in the District Org and Click New Report.

2. Fill in the name and turn off the "immediately publish and skip editor" and click Submit.

3. In the Report builder, for all the displayed Sheets. Click on Actions -> Set Sheet Properties.

4. Turn off  "Optionally restrict report scope".

5. Scope will change to any form as seen below. Click Submit. 

6. Repeat Steps 3 & 4 for each Sheet.  
7. Go to Access and Visibility and Share report with all organizations.

8. Click on Save to activate the rule. 
9. Click Publish. 

10. Now any District User/School User can go to its form and Generate a Master Response Report by going into reports tab in the form manager and clicking on Generate. 

11. Report will automatically be generated for the form manager that user is in. User can download the report in Report Request tab.

Note - Template only needs to be created once and once created can be used by any user in the PC org.