Pass payment processing fees on to parents

When collecting payments with Permission Click’s SafePay, you have two options; to pass processing fees onto parents or to absorb the fees.

If you chose to pass fees onto parents, you also have two options:

Option 1 - Set Parent Pays a price inclusive of fees (Most Common):

You may choose to build the processing fees into your pricing. All respondents will pay the same amount regardless of their preferred payment method (online or by cash or cheque). This encourages your respondents to pay online and reduces the opportunity for theft or payment tracking errors.

When setting up your payment options, first enter the cost in the “You Collect” field. In the “Parent Pays” box, the system will then auto-calculate the amount parents will pay, including processing fees:


Note: Parents will not see what You Collect. They will only see the “Parent Pays” amount when completing the form. Following is an example of what the parents will see when selecting one ticket to the museum.


Also, note: Processing fees do not apply to cash/cheque payments. Many clients use the surplus from manual payments to cover outstanding payments that take place throughout the year.

Option 2: Pass Fees on to the Purchaser

You may choose to charge different prices based on the payment method.

This option will break down the fees clearly for those wishing to pay online. Those that want to pay by cash or cheque will pay the subtotal listed. Those that prefer to pay online will pay the added processing fees.