Principal User Guide - Step 1

The Principal's Guide to Permission Click

Getting Started

1. Sign up 

Visit our website and click on "Sign up for Free". Answer a few quick questions and voila, your school's account is made!

2. Connect your bank account for online payment collection

This part is good to do even if you are unsure you will use it, it won't cost you anything to set it up. Setting up payment collection is quick and easy. Login to Permission Click as an Administrator and visit 'Admin' > 'Bank Account Details', and click on 'Connect with Stripe'. Have your bank account information handy (info on a void cheque will do) along with your 9-digit Business Number (CRA account number) in Canada or your EIN for American accounts.

3. Add Users

Invite the rest of your team who would benefit from Permission Click. Click on the 'Admin' tab > 'Users' > 'Create School User', fill in their name, email, role (Teacher = Event Organizer), and job title. They’ll automatically receive an email asking them to activate their account and create a password.

**Tip: Make sure to have your IT department add ‘’ to your safe senders list. Be sure to tell them to check their junk or spam folder - sometimes our first e-mail ends up in there! **

4. Training (Teachers/Staff)

We suggest taking time to get your team together for a training session as soon as possible after inviting them, a day or two is usually best. If you’d like dedicated coaching from our team, we offer a variety of training plans including an ‘on-boarding coach’ and ‘PD day sessions’.

5. Notify Parents

It’s a good idea to send a note out to your parent population prior to sending home the first event link.

6. Run your first event

Build your first Permission Slip/Event. You can click 'Preview' at the top, and 'Preview as Parent' to see what it will look like to them. Once you are fully satisfied you may publish the form and will see a link come up. All you have to do now is copy this link and share it with parents over your preferred method (email, text message, parent portal, newsletter, etc...).

7. When you can, minimize paper

You might still need to print forms for some parents - no worries. But whenever possible, encourage staff and parents to use paper forms as a last resort. It will go a long way in standardizing the process for everyone and keep your staff from handling two systems as much as possible. Changing behavior takes time. We’ve seen hundreds of schools launch Permission Click. The most successful schools commit to reducing their use of paper. It will make all the difference in increasing the rate of adoption at your school!

Check out the next guide to learn more about managing your permission click account!