Principal User Guide - Step 2

Know the Process

Here is a re-cap of the four steps to creating an event with Permission Click. As the Principal you are often set as the Administrator (unless you set someone else, like your admin. staff to be) which means that it is your job to give approval of submitted forms.


Approving Events

Each time an event is submitted for approval by an event organizer, you will receive an email notification.  This email will contain a link that will take you directly to the event for you to review and approve.  Alternatively, you can log in to Permission Click and see a list at the top of items requiring approval, or you may click on the filter 'Pending Approval' and see the same list. 

Following your approval, the Event Organizer will be automatically notified via email that their event has been approved and is ready to send out.

PLEASE NOTE: Once an event is approved and has been sent out with responses collected on it, it cannot be edited or changed in any way. 

**Tip! If you made a mistake and need to update a live event, visit the link here in our Knowledge Base

Managing Users

Click on the 'Admin' tab > 'Users'. You can add new ones, or click on existing ones and edit or delete them. When inviting users, make sure to follow up with them to make sure they activate their account with the email that was sent to them (may have gone to junk/spam folder). 

What are the difference in User Roles

Event Organizer

  • Can create events and submit for approval 
  • Can search personal event history
  • Cannot build templates, manage users or edit account settings

Administrator Role

  • Can create and approve events
  • Access entire organization event history & reporting
  • Can build templates
  • Can add additional users to organization

Administrators are usually principals, secretaries or bookkeepers

Building a Template

Templates are an excellent way to align your staff with Permission Click. The templates you build will be available to all of the users in your school ensuring the same standard forms and permission slips are easily accessible to everyone. Building a good set of templates will save your team time and guarantee that you get all of the information and event details you require from teachers, parents, and students. Your School Board templates will soon also be accessible from inside your Permission Click account.

Click here to see how you can easily make your own template.

Searching for Permission Slips and Past Events

Permission Click automatically stores all of the permission slips and forms your school collects. You can access all of your school’s records and find a specific response using the search function in ‘Past Events’.

6 Smart Ways to Use Permission Click

  1. Field Trips - Organize class trips and collect permission and admission fees from parents
  2. Meal Programs - Parents can purchase milk tickets or pay for lunch program supervision online
  3. Sports Programs - Game time! Collect signups and registration fees for your whole team
  4. Band Programs - Ticket sales for band concerts, uniform fees, and instrument rental fees
  5. Graduation - Collect yearbook orders, student photos & quotes, and fundraise for grad!
  6. Student Fees - Collect school registrations, student fees, and school supply fees all at once


There’s a world of possibilities with Permission Click. Whether you need a hand exploring possibilities or still have questions, we’re here for you. Permission Click has a wealth of information in our Online Knowledge Base or click 'Contact' in the bottom right hand corner of your Permission Click screen to connect with our team directly.