What are Process Tempaltes?

Process templates allow you to combine two or more related from templates into a collection and enforce deadlines, steps and custom workflow.

Creating a Process

First, under the 'Admin' Tab select 'Templates'

Select the “Processes” tab, then click “New Template” and select “Process”.

Process Name & Description 

Give your process a generic title that explains when this process is to be used by staff

Add some details in the text box provided to tell your staff when and how they should be using this process.

Process Deadline

Optionally create a deadline for your process. This should be a date that you want to create rules around, such as the desired date of departure for the trip.

Add Templates

Add forms templates that staff need to complete. Form templates are added in steps, and all the forms in each step must be submitted and approved before the form templates in the following step(s) are able to be submitted.

Set Rules

Optionally set date rules for each form based on the custom deadline. For example, a Field Trip Request form must be submitted no less than 60 days before the Desired Date of Departure.

Add Optional Forms and Attachments

Optionally add additional form templates to your Process. Additional forms are forms that may be used as part of the process, but that are not always required. For example, a Parent Volunteer form.

Optionally add attachments to your process. Attachments can be files and/or external links. Use this feature to add in additional information that may be useful to the form builder such as policy documents, check lists and insurance requirements.

Set Access and Publish

Select “Set Access” to choose the School Edition accounts that will have access to this Process. Click “Publish” to make your Process available to selected School Edition accounts.