Reminders, confirmations, and receipt emails sent to parents/guardians/respondents

There are several automated email notifications sent to respondents that you can leverage to request responses and provide records to respondents of forms they have completed and purchases they have made.

Rostering Email Invitation

When using rostering, invitations can be sent to respondents requesting them to fill out a form. If your account is on a Pro plan, you can customize this message before it’s sent. You can also send reminders to those who haven’t completed the form.


If you restart a response, the user will receive a second invitation.

Response submission confirmation email

When someone responds to a form, a confirmation email is sent immediately letting the respondent know their response has been recorded and includes a PDF copy of their form submission for their records.


Purchase receipt email

If your form has purchase options included and the respondent has made a purchase as part of their form submission, a purchase receipt with their order details will be emailed to the respondent immediately after their submission.


Refund confirmation email

If you refund a purchase made through one of your forms, the user will immediately receive an email confirmation of the refund including the refund details.


Cash/Cheque collection email reminder

If the responded made a purchase but set their purchase to be via cash or cheque, you can trigger reminder emails to remind the respondent to submit their payment.