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How do I set up payment collection?

In order to collect payment on your forms through SafePay you will first need to set up your school or organization's bank account. .

If you are an existing legacy payments user, migrating to SafePay does not affect any forms you have already created.

In order to accept online payments through Stripe, you will first need to hook your school or organization’s bank account to your Permission Click account. Select “SafePay Payment Collection” from the Admin menu at the top of your dashboard and follow the step by step instructions.

Step 1: Select "Add Bank Account".


Step 2: Add your account number and routing number. 
Step 3: Enter your account information including your Tax ID. 
Step 4: Enter your personal information. 
You can add more than one bank account to your Permission Click account, but only one bank account can receive deposits at any given time. The "Default" account will receive payouts. If you need to delete a bank account you can also do so from this page. Only your non-default account can be deleted. 

For more details on payment collection, please Click here