How to Send a form

There are 3 primary ways to send a form to a respondent; sharing a public link, adding recipients through the “Recipients Manager,” or adding an internal user.

Once your form has been created and approved (if applicable), there are three ways to send your form to respondents. To begin, select the published form you want to send from your Forms list.

Send A form

Share A Public Link (A)

Each form will have its own public link. You can insert this link on your website, newsletter, social media, or send it directly to parents through your email communications system to give them access to the form. You will find the public link on the form manager here:

Add Recipients Through “Recipients Manager” (B)

With the Recipients Manager, you can add recipients’ email addresses directly to a form and email it to them via Permission Click. The advantage to distributing your Permission Click form via the Recipients Manager is you gain the ability to monitor if a recipient has opened the email and started to complete the form. Additionally, once sent you can remind your recipients via email through the Form Manager.

You can also add recipients to your form via the “Quick Add” button.

When you click on the Recipients Manager you will have a few different options to add recipients to your form. You can import student and staff data via OneRoster, you can copy/paste from a spreadsheet, database or CSV file, or you can use recipients from a previous form.

Roster Manager works only when the district has integrated their Student Information System (SIS) using OneRoster integration. The Roster Manager and Student tabs will be populated with the student info that is relevant to your organization. For example, a school will only have access to student data from their school site, whereas the district will have access to all students in the district.

From the Student Manager you can add individual students to a form, whereas the Roster Manager will allow you to add respondents by available groupings such as school, class, homeroom.

Publish To Internal User Form Library (C)

Collect responses from users in your Permission Click organization via the Internal User Form Library. Select your entire organization or individual members and your form will appear in their Respond tab found on their Forms page.