Templates 101

Why set up templates?

**Important Note: Templates can only be set up by administrators of the account. (i.e. Principals or administration staff members).**

Enforce Your Policies and Help Minimize Risk

You spend time and effort to create policies and procedures to help manage and monitor risk, including the content and process for forms you send home with students. But how do you ensure that staff are using the form with the most recent policy update? Or that they’re using the right form, or any form at all?

With templates in Permission Click, you can rest easy that staff will always have the latest version and you’ll get full visibility into its usage.

Why else are they useful? Who do they help?

Clear and consistent communications with parents will go a long way in helping you engage and get responses back from them. But with several users managing and creating their own events it can be tricky to establish a steady voice.

The templates feature in Permission Click sets your group up for success by giving you a place to build and store all of your organization’s forms so that they are readily available for your staff to use; complete with consistent and compliant language.

A well built directory of templates will become the go-to place for all of the users in your Permission Click account. The consistency of templates will be appreciated by everyone -- from parents all the way up to Principals. This guide will help you get started.

Click this guide to learn how to create a template.

Here are some useful templates that your school might appreciate:

  • Photo and Media Release Form
  • Off Site Activity Form
  • Student Registration
  • Overnight Activity Form
  • Acceptable Use Policy for Internet and One-to-One Device Programs
  • Lunch Program Registration
  • Policies and Code of Conduct Agreements
  • Medical Information and Emergency Contact Form

Reminder: All of the information collected through Permission Click will be stored safely and securely online. Records are searchable and easy to access whenever you need it. No data entry required.