Tracking cash and cheque payments with Permission Click

Permission Click makes it easy for you to track payments collected from your forms quickly.

To get a high-level view of responses that have made purchases and responses that have an outstanding payment, you can use the System Status columns available on the Form Manager.


  • Each response that has completed their purchase will be marked with a green paid icon.
  • Responses that have selected cash or cheque and have an outstanding payment will be marked with a red paid icon.
  • Responses that have not made a purchase will be shown with a grey paid icon.

You can filter the response table on the Form Manager to show only responses with an outstanding payment by using the view filter on the table. Click the “All” dropdown and choose Outstanding Payment.


You can also access a Financial Report for the form by clicking on the Actions & Reports dropdown at the top of the Form Manager and choose (A) Financial Reports. This will email you an export of the financial details for the form.


With Permission Click you can send reminders to respondents with outstanding balances.