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What is Permission Click?

With over nine years of rigorous research & development, battle-tested in more than 12,000 K-12 institutions in over 50 countries, Permission Click is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade workflow automation and risk management platform available.

We have helped school districts of every size ranging from individual school sites to large public school districts nearing 600 schools and 250,000 students.

Permission Click has expanded to include users in thousands of schools in over 50 countries, using the platform in over 100 languages.

Permission Click is built from the ground up for K-12 and helps:

  • Ensure that the correct forms are being used
  • Guarantee all fees collected digitally are captured for reporting
  • Verify the required forms and approvals are being collected both externally from parents and internally from staff
  • Meet audit and compliance requirements via document retention and comprehensive reporting
  • Reduce risk and liability footprint

With Permission Click, you can transform internal forms and workflows. For example, when a teacher wants to take students off-site, it's not just a matter of gathering parent permission slips and fees. There are often very complex policy guidelines requiring district staff to submit for approvals well in advance.  

Same-day excursions may only need principal approval, while overnight or out of province travel might require many decision-makers and multi-department engagement to evaluate over a period of many months and dozens of forms.

Permission Click can tie many forms together into processes that match your district’s internal operations to supercharge your operations with unprecedented consistency and viability.

Permission Click delivers a full-stack platform that includes a 'School Edition' for school sites to manage forms and collect payments, and a 'District Edition' designed for district administrators to build, deploy, and monitor policy implementation district-wide.

For school staff, forms are sent home electronically to parents who can click and complete in seconds on any device in over 100 languages. Schools have ready-to-go templates made available by their district but can also build their own on the fly for day-to-day needs.

We've helped districts transform ‘Start of the Year Packages’ that used to be over a dozen printed pages of paper into streamlined digital experiences for parents that delight.  

We've helped districts that needed to collect third-party application data sharing agreements district-wide in less than two weeks with an accelerated implementation plan to meet requirements. The very first form sent home with Permission Click for one Ontario school freed up the approximate time of an entire FTE. That’s time that can be reinvested into better outcomes for kids in the classroom.  

Permission Click is a Microsoft In Education partner and has intelligent integrations with Active Directory along with other leading SSO providers.  

SafePay is Permission Click’s online fee collection platform, which bolts seamlessly with Permission Click’s District and School Edition Risk Management modules. With SafePay, schools can collect fees, items, and donation requests for a wide range of fees, including supplies, yearbooks, hot lunches, athletic program fees, spirit wear, fundraising, and much more.

Permission Click’s payment solution is PCI Level 1 compliant and accepts many payment methods, and allows handling receipts and reporting of collected payments made both online and with cash/cheque.

SafePay’s flexibility helps districts collect far more resources in fundraising efforts than ever before, thanks to extended family and friends having accessibility to donate or buy items from afar with the ease of sharing via email or promoting on social media.



Permission Click is a leader in the Education-Technology industry, with a growing feature set that continues to delight customers and stakeholders with new and innovative solutions.