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What is the difference between School and District Edition?

Permission Click is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade workflow automation and risk management platform available.

Permission Click delivers a full-stack platform that includes a 'School Edition' for school sites to manage forms and collect payments, and a 'District Edition' designed for district administrators to build, deploy, and monitor policy implementation district-wide

For school staff, forms are sent home electronically to parents who can click and complete in seconds on any device in over 100 languages. Schools have ready-to-go templates made available by their district but can also build their own on the fly for day-to-day needs.

Please read below for a more detailed look at what you can accomplish with each Permission Click Edition.

District Edition 

  1. Build your district forms and processes into templates
    • Add workflows
    • Connect multiple forms together for multi-step processes
    • Lock/Unlock/Additions only by section to give schools flexibility as needed
  2. Build and deploy forms centrally
    • Configure access for staff and School Edition users
  3. Student Information System (SIS) Integration
    • Pre-populate data from SIS into forms
    • Use SIS rosters for group sending 
    • Data available to move back into SIS
  4. Post-response Workflow
    • Add workflows for individual responses to a form
  5. District-wide reporting
    • Reporting showing #forms completed, started, outstanding by school by user
    • School-level visibility and search
  6. Microsoft Active Directory Role Mapping and SSO
    • User creation
    • User removal
    • Roles managed automatically tied to your Microsoft AD

    School Edition 

    1. Sending parent-facing forms to collect responses
      • Leverage district approved templates
      • Build school-level forms for ad hoc cases
      • Parents can approve forms in seconds on most digital devices device, with no apps to download, in 100+ languages
    2. Filling internal district forms
      • Visibility of workflow approval status
    3. Real-time reporting
      • Reporting and visibility of school-level data