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What is the difference between School and District Edition?

With School Edition, create easy-to-use forms or upload and convert existing forms for parents to complete digitally. Parents instantly receive a link to your custom form where they can complete the form, add payment, and electronically sign. Student data is saved and stored securely for in-depth detailed reports.

Everything from permission forms, registrations, technology acceptable use policies, and fundraisers can be created, sent to parents, and managed in one easy place.

For more information on School Edition, click here.

With District Edition, you get District-Wide Visibility. Distribute templates created at a District level to your schools to not only ensure district-wide policy compliance but monitor responses with district-wide reporting. Additionally, with the power of our approval processes, your forms will have an auditable trail to ensure your forms have been seen by the right eyes at each of your schools.

For more information on District Edition, click here.